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miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013

Verus amicus est tanquam alter idem

Grogh covered the body with the last heap of earth while his eyes were filled with tears.
They had been many moons since I had found him lost and half dead from hunger on the outskirts of the cave where he lived his clan. He recalled that distant day.
His mother was probably dead or it would have been lost on the forest. He collected carefully and noticed how her heart beating strong and fast, his skin was warm and honey color eyes made him feel something that didn't know what it was, but that was very familiar, since it was something similar to what he  felt when he looked at the small Lakhe, his eldest son.
 Surely Mitha, his companion, could feed and care for until it grew and became strong and healthy adult. Already in his mind he thought that he would have a useful, since those of his kind were around the cave feeding on waste of men and by a couple of times they had alerted them to attacks from rival clans. It would be her guardian and perhaps you could teach him to hunt, because he had seen that they were good doing in group as his clan.

Many moons had passed since that day and Lur grew strong and healthy and formed part of the clan, was not only a dog, was one more with all the privileges, wanted and appreciated by all and saved the cave of enemies and he chased the prey with the courage of a Hunter and he took care of their own with loyalty, until the end, until his body stopped breathing and his soul left him...
Why Grogh could not stop crying, because he had gone a part of itself, a companion, a friend...

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