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lunes, 11 de febrero de 2013

Life mates: ADHD and dogs.

I won't go into detail about what  the attention Deficit Disorder with hyperactivity is, which commonly known because we heard about so many hyperactive children, since there is so much information at the internet just in case which you are interested and we also have our friend  Alma Dzib Goodin that can clarify many of your  doubts about this topic.
What I would like, before commenting the benefits of therapies with dogs for children with this disorder, it’s the injury by using negative labels on childhood. I don't want to deny the existence of this condition, it’s real at some cases, but I will say that when a label is accessible it is very easy to use it wrong.
Some decades ago children were "moved", "terrible", "playful"... now they are HYPERACTIVE. So, if you could have together my two small children and myself, you would say that all of us are hyperactive in your eyes.  But I think we must be cautious when it comes to diagnose anything labeled to that child for the rest of his life. And still, we must be clear not saying you “You are,” but “You have", a problem that has solutions and one of them is the dog-assisted therapies.
One of the characteristics of these children is that their behavior is random and dependent on the environment, comply with standards and refrain in certain behaviors, trouble that leads them to a situation of isolation with respect to their peers and with adults, which over time is possible to it have impact on their self-esteem. There are studies that demonstrates that these people, compared with their peers, frequently have behavioral problems, are less empathetic, less skilled socially and perceive the environment more negatively (Dodge, 1985).
Then, How can dog contribute? , why is valid in these cases a therapy with dogs?, why as a father/mother or educators should I invest time and money in a therapy dog? Maybe then I'll expose a few of many that will be useful and make you think.
- As you remember from the first post on this blog about Biophilia, the presence of a dog would have the ability to attract and keep the attention of the child or the child's: work attention.
- As the child cannot predict how the animal behave got an inhibition of behavior, working the IMPULSIVITY. What gives us a temporary space in which we can ask questions about the dog, so will also work the reflective thought.
- The way this children play is almost always aggressive. The presence of the dog will give children opportunity to work that aggression through care and affection for the animal.
- Children with ADHD tend to perceive their classmates, teachers and their environment in a negative way and thus justify their aggressive behaviors. In the presence of animals people are perceived more positively. We are working for both the POSITIVITY.
- And something that is completely fascinating and can get with therapy with dogs is the process of empowerment that we can achieve. Thus, through the care and education of the dog in which the child is involved, this looks like it is useful, but it is able to follow sequences of commands, as it may inhibit unwanted behaviors, as it is capable of taking care of others, as it increases their self-esteem. And all because the effort of the child is reflected in the conduct of the dog who moves forward in its relationship with the human being who is at his side, corrects its errors and does not judge them.
Perhaps for the first time and the eyes of a dog a human being competent and useful, will be what will open a new brighter future and without tags to children.
"Look at what I am capable of doing and I did, not on what I have done." No one while watching fascinated the fish to swim in a pond wondered why can't fly".
Remember that if you want more information you can put in contact with me.

More info: http://tdah.tel/

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