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viernes, 22 de marzo de 2013

A very sweet doggy

Bubu was born deaf but nothing has limited her life, she used to eat whatever she wants and there is nothing can stop her to play when she is in the mood and even she used to run behind cars or geese to show her super Mini Maltese power. 

She has always been easy to recognize because her white fur which contrasts with her black ear, and she has never been afraid of the world. Even when almost three years ago it began to lose weight and one day, by very first time she peed her bed. That raised a signal that it was necessary to take her to the doctor, because at the same time she started to feel very tired.
Doctor didn't need too much to have a pre diagnostic, but told us that it could be diabetes, but that Bubu required going with an internist for blood tests to confirm this.

Bubu knew about doctors and hospitals, since she was a puppy had to go through surgeries and treatments, so she knew very well about pills, intensive care, she has always fought and left to do whatever doctors need for her health in exchange for a carrot.

As usual in every place Bubu was declared the sweetest doggy of the hospital, she always had hug kiss to whoever watch over her, but at this time the verdict was literal: Bubu had a reading of 820 of glucose in blood, so it was declared diabetic and she was going to need taking insulin every 12 hours because her life would depend from an injection.

It is estimated that 1 of every 500 dogs develop diabetes, although there are breeds at higher risk of developing it. Diabetes is basically a pancreas or the body cells inability to produce enough insulin, which gives as a result that the cells are not able to absorb sufficient glucose, which is released into the blood, so that it is possible to measure the same levels through blood tests.

A study published in Nature says that the domestication of dogs offered many adaptive advantages for the species, but at the same time, when the dogs began to consume foods rich in starch, which was what their masters had on hand due to agricultural work, although it allowed sharing environments, could be the key to start than some of them, not be able to breakdown the starch, will create degenerative mechanisms such as those observed in diabetes.

So Bubu added to his life the insulin as a means of survival, we had limited her diet, but she has never ceased begging for carrots, which must be cut in little pieces into small pieces, although diabetes has charged a payment: since some time ago she is blind, but don't worry!, she still sees life as the greatest adventure ever told, because medical estimates, despite a lifetime of care has allowed further between us.

Diagnosis is not synonymous of death, but your dog will requiere some special care to survive to diabetes. Surely your vet will have many recommendations to make give your dog a good quality of life. 

Bubu doesn't like the special food for diabetic dogs but we have learned to measure calories and recognize her cycles depending her level of sugar in blood.

Like any degenerative disease, diabetes is more common in geriatric dogs, but they always have a lot of to give us, despite all the injections, because they know very well we do the best for them. 

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